(Not) Making Sense of Gambling Superstitions: A Guide

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C Costigan
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Everybody has the right to believe whatever they want. Most of the time, our beliefs are formed based on what we've heard or seen. Superstitious views about gambling are not out of the question. Only a small percentage of players have confidence in their abilities. Some people put their faith in their abilities and good fortune, while others look to luck and the supernatural for assistance in their gaming endeavors.

These superstitions have benefited their adherents even though they cannot be disproven at this point. It may seem absurd in the eyes of individuals who have no interest in superstitions. On that note, let's look at some interesting gambling superstitions around the world.

1. Itchy Hands

Bad luck is thought to follow those with itching palms in certain European countries. Even if that's the case, the gambler may be feeling hot and bothered by a particularly intense session at craps. On the other hand, Serbians consider itchy palms as a sign of good things to come.

The concept is often derived from a historical belief that an itching left hand indicated that one would lose money.

However, keep an eye out for an itching right palm, which could indicate that you're going to score the jackpot.

2. Whistling During Games

Whistling is considered one of the odder gambling superstitions. While touching wood or crossing fingers is said to bring good fortune, creating disturbances at the casino table is thought to bring bad luck.

The origins are unknown, although they may be linked to British seamen who believed that whistling would generate strong winds. Whistling in a casino today is likely to result in a few nasty looks from fellow players.

3. The Color Red

When it comes to weddings, red is traditionally the color of choice for the bride in Asia, where it is considered auspicious. Wealth and good fortune are also said to be brought about by wearing red. Many Chinese people believe that wearing red clothing is a superstition when it comes to gambling.

One of the most common casino superstitions is to wager on red. Roulette players are more likely to place bets on red digits than black, even though both colors have the same statistical chance of winning.

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