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If you are interested in gambling on sports then it is very important to find a bookie or place to bet that will actually pay you when you win. There are literally thousands of places to bet but itís smart to first do your research.

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The first option would be to find an online sportsbook which can easily be done by googling sportsbooks. However, the problem with using an online sportsbook is that you will need to post up the money first if you want to bet with them. This can be a bit worrisome because you have no experience or history with this sportsbook and you do not know that you are going to 100% be paid if you actually win some money. Also, sportsbooks have a lot of restrictions on the amount you can get paid out each time you request and the amount of payout requests you can make each month. This is all done to make it difficult to win big and get paid big.

The other option is to find a local bookie where you can bet directly with them and play on credit. When you play on credit it means that you are given a specified credit limit each week in order to use to make your wagers. So for example, if you are given a credit limit of 1k that means you have 1k to use on wagers during that week, and you do not need to put that money upfront in order to bet.

Then each week your bookie will set up a day in which you can either pay him or he pays you, depending on if you won or lost, or you and the bookie may decide to settle your balance when you reach a certain number. So if you guys agree on settling balances whenever you are up or down more than 500, then if you lose or win less than that amount your balance would just roll over to the next week and you would not have to settle up with your bookie until you reached that $500 number in either winnings or losses.

However, the problem with using a bookie is that these guys generally work independently and are not like an online sportsbook that have a reputation to uphold and reviews about whether they are good payers or not. So even though the bookie will give you credit, it could be much harder to actually get paid from the bookie. So the best way to find a legitimate bookie is not by searching online because that can be especially risky because there is no way to be guaranteed that you will get paid. The smarter and safer way to find a bookie is to contact all your close friends and family members and see if they are currently using a bookie, this way the bookie will be near you and other people can vouch for whether or not he pays in a timely manner.

So the important thing when looking for a bookie is to make sure you do your research and either choose an online sportsbook that has very good reviews in regards to paying or to find a bookie in your area that was referred by someone you know and can confirm that they actually pay.

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