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The BSV Blockchain is renowned for its fast, scalable, environmentally-efficient and regulation-friendly environment.  Micropayments are another big deal on the BSV Blockchain.

It's the fastest public ledger, with the capability to support over 50,000 transactions per second. But that’s not all. Powered by Bitcoin Scripting, each transaction can be a smart contract, a crypto-graphically secure token or an NFT. The possibilities, uses and benefits are truly limitless.

So now let's explore a few of the online casinos now utilizing the BSV Blockchain, some you might be familiar with as a regular reader of the website. does NOT get a percentage of your winnings and is NOT a partner in any of the below online casinos so you can click on the links with confidence

CryptoFights - This is probably the marquee brand on the blockchain.  Its parent company is FX Gaming.

CryptoFights offers free play to earn skill based strategy game built on bitcoin SV. It is one of the Best NFT game powered by blockchain technology.

Founded by Adam Kling, he realized back in 2013 the limitless potential of blockchain technology and how it could change the world. Adam is a visionary who challenges the normal thinking of the Blockchain world.


CryptoFights is a fantasy RPG game with real time rewards. Players can explore various worlds and enter 1v1 battles with other players for exclusive rewards. Skilled players can play to win NFTs and BSV which have real value and are worth money. These can be freely traded on the marketplace.

“We aimed to accomplish the ability for competitive cash tournaments to be able to take place over the internet. So the technology platform that we’re building solves a lot of the game integrity issues that are plaguing esports, because of the fragmentation of the industry. You have games, if you think of a game like a MOBA such as League of Legends, where the player interacts with League of Legends itself.

"The data from that game exists within the company that operates it. If you need to get data to start a tournament you have to request the data via an API and have to trust that that data is true. You also have analytical companies that will study the data and put like what bet radar and sports radar does with sports data. You have just many many people in the esports industry trying to put these pieces together into one.”


Bovada Casino

Bovada may be the most recognized brand in the world of online gambling today, but using BSV to fund your account is more of a privelege, sort of like obtaining Lifetime Gold Elite with Marriott Bonvoy....maybe a bit easier to obtain however.

Even Joshua Hinslee was unable to bet using BSV during this year's Super Bowl.

"To expand our crypto offerings here at Bovada, we've added a cheaper, faster coin for eligible players called Bitcoin SV (BSV)! It's reliable - The reality in online gaming is simple: credit cards are not 100% guaranteed and can come with high fees charged either by your bank or onsite by us."

Hinslee appeared to be content that mere mortals like him, a crypto advocate, was unable to freely use BSV.

"We don't want someone like Bovada to just enable BSV, we want a lot more from the platform," he says.

Henslee goes on to explain why he believes Bovada might be trying to hide that they are accepting BSV as part of his video.

This is important because so many of today's online gambling operators look to an established and successful brand like Bovada to determine whether they too should offer something.

New games on the platform include Mystic Wolf and Raving Wilds.

Betcoin Casino

Betcoin is a Bitcoin SV and crypto casino site which offers its players an impressive range of games, including a live casino.

They advertise 10 free spins and call themselves "The premier gaming destination for bitcoin & cryptocurrency gaming featuring the best games and fast deposits & withdrawals!

Presented in stunning, true 3D cinematic animation produced to the exacting standards found in today's animated feature films and console video games Betcoin Casino boasts an extensive collection of over 1,000 games from 20 providers. Crowned by the our iconic, groundbreaking 3D Slots, we also proudly offer player favorites such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Video Poker, Keno and many more. In addition, we feature the latest in technology, including revolutionary Provably Fair and Live Casino offerings.  

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