Ethereum-Based Gambling Site Fomo3D Surges 13,217% in Daily Volume

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Fomo3D, an Ethereum-based gambling DApp, has risen a shocking 13,217% over the past 24 hours, leading some to suspect this is an elaborate ponzi scheme.

DappRadar reports:

“Fomo3D is an ironic jab at the cryptocurrency ICO space, putting every player in the terrifying and tempting position to Exit Scam everything and run away with massive life-changing amounts of real Ethereum. You should take it. Made by Team JUST as a 100% trustless library of smart contracts. Fomo3D is intentionally designed so that developers have no access to the funds or influence on the rounds. The game runs entirely on human greed, to the profit of everyone playing.”

Fomo3D claims to be a decentralized application (Dapp) running on the Ethereum exit-scam network.

"The game consists of a smart contract (an autonomous program on the Ethereum network) carefully programmed and deployed so that we as developers have no influence or impact upon the game, the Ethereum in the contract, or advantages thereof. The application itself is completely trustless, will run until the Ethereum network dies and no matter how tantalizingly large the pot gets, will only be paid out according to the game rules."

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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