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Busy online sportsbook operators are looking for creative ways to make their business flow easier, better, more efficiently. They are looking for ways to cut cost, all the while improving their clients experience.

No matter what level you may find yourself on, whether it be with a handful of clients or 1,000 clients, you seek efficiency. You seek a business model that brings in the money and one that shows off your brand. Your brand is who you are and selling it is important. The busy bookie has neither the time or the patience for a broken system. The broken system is the old school way of doing business in which many bookmakers find themselves trapped in. It’s a system that’s unmanageable and you have the power to make change if you are willing to explore the best front-end technology that’s available through the use of today’s top notch pay per heads.

Why a Pay Per Head?

  • There   are not many turnkey solutions in life and when you need business answers, it’s nice to have someone to rely on. The PPH providers are now offering the best in premium service and you do nothing. Literally, nothing. A PPH is a turnkey operation for bookies that want an online presence for their existing and future players. Thousands of corner bookies all over the United States have turned their business from a mom and pop operation into a booming online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. The beauty of the entire operation; turnkey. All you must do as a bookie is sign up and let them PPH provider do all of the work for you.

What does “do nothing” really mean?

  • Yes, you must do a couple of things in order to get started with a PPH. The first and foremost thing that is a must is to find the perfect PPH. There are a lot of them out there and they will all solicit your business. They will also tell you they are the best in the business and they are the cheapest. What you must do is find a reliable review site that offers the best PPH sites, based on client reviews. Do yourself a favor and use Google as a tool to find great PPH forums and review sites. Not all PPH providers are built from the same cloth so be scrupulous and find one that has your best interest at heart.

What will a great PPH offer?

l  A toll-free customer service hotline that’s accessible from the United States 24/7 and manned with agents that speak English and are product knowledgeable. If you can’t call them what good are they? Do not settle for any PPH that cannot be reached by telephone, for free.

l  The best in front-end technology for both the client and you as the PPH owner. “front-end technology” meaning the side of the website that you see, that your player sees. Is it user- friendly, is it offering all the bells and whistles that the “online giants” of the sports gambling world are offering?

l  The best in platform security. Number one, you don’t want hacked, and you certainly don’t want your players getting hacked. Do they offer the best in security software that will protect you and your       most valuable asset, the client? Make sure you are signing up with a PPH that offers the best in security.

l  Only the best PPH providers on the internet truly offer the finest and latest in innovative technology when it comes to the websites front-end. As a bookie you want access to daily and on demand accounting and player reports. You want access to your lines and odds, and you certainly want to keep track of where and how every dollar is being spent.     

What’s the cost of a PPH?

l  Great PPH providers start at around $10-$15 per head, per week. You pay if your player plays at least one time in the fiscal week. If they do not play, you do not pay.

l  Once your player commits to playing, and they make that first wager, they can then make an endless amount of wagers in the fiscal week for the one-time fee of $10-$15. You get all of the benefits of a PPH, for the one low price per head.

Think about this…

Example: You have 45 active players per week. These are players that place at least one wager with you, per week. For the sake of example—we will say the charge is $10 per head. Now think about this, how many of these 45 bets will you win and at least collect the juice on? How much will they play on the one bet? Most-likely at least $10, you may even decide to set $10 as your wager minimum. You are giving yourself a 55% chance of making money. The player must beat you 55% of the time in order to just beat the juice. You have collected your PPH fees back on one bet per player.

User Friendly

Keep your front-end technology user friendly and your players will love you. They will love the idea that they can play 24/7 without having to call you. Their bet slips will be graded within 5-minutes after the event has finished and they may re-bet. The friendlier the better and you will see profits like never before. You have just opened the door to 24/7 gaming. No matter if the gaming is casino, racebook, or the sportsbook, the door is now open and you will reap the rewards.

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