Duke Blue Devils Odds to Win the 2019 Men's College Basketball Championship - December 8

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Tyrone Black
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The Duke Blue Devils odds of winning the 2019 NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship were set at 5-2 as of December 8.


Odds to win 2019 NCAA Men's Tournament (4/8/19)
Team Odds
Duke 5/2
Gonzaga 6/1
Kansas 10/1
Virginia 12/1
Nevada 14/1
Kentucky 16/1
Michigan 16/1
North Carolina 16/1
Tennessee 20/1
Villanova 25/1
Auburn 33/1
Michigan State 33/1
Kansas State 40/1
Texas Tech 40/1
Florida 50/1
Indiana 50/1
Mississippi State 50/1
Ohio State 50/1
Oregon 50/1
Purdue 50/1
Syracuse 50/1
UCLA 50/1
Virginia Tech 50/1
West Virginia 50/1
Wichita State 50/1
Wisconsin 50/1
Cincinnati 66/1
Clemson 66/1
Florida State 66/1
LSU 66/1
Marquette 66/1
Maryland 66/1
Miami, Fl. 66/1
St. John's 66/1
Louisville 80/1
Texas 80/1
Arizona 100/1
Arizona State 100/1
Baylor 100/1
Buffalo 100/1
Butler 100/1
North Carolina State 100/1
Penn State 100/1
Seton Hall 100/1
TCU 100/1
Texas A&M 100/1
Vanderbilt 100/1
Washington 100/1
Xavier 100/1
Loyola-Chicago 150/1

From ESPN.com: “Although Duke's athletes show up more on highlight reels and on the offensive end, it also has helped that the Blue Devils are off to a better start defensively than we have seen from them in the past. They rank No. 1 nationally in steal percentage and in the top 10 in block percentage."

Duke faces off against Yale on Saturday as a -24 home favorite. 

Though the Blue Devils are 8-1 Straight Up, the team is a mere 5-4 Against The Spread so far this season. 

- Tyrone Black, Gambling911.com

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