Don’t Let Your Pay Per Head Software Catch You By Surprise

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C Costigan
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With the busiest season for a bookie beginning soon, which is the start of the NFL season, I wanted to write a guide on how not to be surprised by your pay-per-head provider.

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Nothing is worse than running into a problem with your PPH provider. First off, I wanted to list some of the popular reasons why you can’t afford any surprises as a small bookie owner.

Reasons You Can’t Afford Any Surprises From Your PPH Provider

      Losing Revenue: While it’s never good to run into problems with your PPH software provider, the potential revenue losses multiply quickly during a bookie’s busy season.

      Losing Players: While lost revenue isn’t the end of the world, losing players, especially as a small bookie owner, could see your business closing down before it gets off the ground.

      Lost Time: Time is money as a business owner, especially when you’re a bookie owner with dozens of more important tasks to be working on than dealing with issues with your PPH.

Ways Your Pay Per Head Software Provider Can Surprise You

There are a lot of PPH software solutions in the industry. With so many PPH services in the industry, it’s easy to run into unforeseen surprises that catch you off-guard.

      Closing Shop: The worst surprise you can receive is finding out that your PPH shop closed down and you now need to find another solution quickly to keep the business running.

      Hosting Downtime: In most cases, PPH services will host your website for you, which is ideal, but not if the service you’re with cheaps out on servers and you experience downtime.

      Poor Support: This one is a double-edged reason. Firstly, you may experience poor service on the business side. Secondly, PPH shops often provide basic support to your players and if the service is poor, you risk losing players without it even being your fault.

      Bad Lines: PPH shops set the lines and update them. The best services hire experienced odds managers to run the show, but some services simply use odds feeds, which are often slow to update and can leave you hanging a bad line in your sportsbook.

      Hidden Costs: Reputable pay per head services will charge a flat fee per player without any additional or hidden costs. However, some services advertise a low price to get you signed up, but once you’re running there will be hidden costs or additional costs for features.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, make sure you research the many PPH services to ensure you select a service that’s reputable. It will save you a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run.

The service you’re with could be running smoothly, until it isn’t. This is why I stress joining a service that’s been in business for years and has many other bookies using the service.

If your business is important to you, and it should be, don’t settle for the cheapest solution or the first solution you see. There are plenty of horror stories where PPH services go rogue.

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