Documentary Film Review – ‘Crypto Rush’, Emergence of New Crypto Millionaires

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Women in crypto and an explanation on how digital currency works to the masses.  Jack Martin of CoinTelegraph says, ultimately, "ends up achieving none of these goals".

The first thing that hits you are the sloppy production values. The disclaimer shown before the film even starts has a spelling mistake, and it isn’t the only one. At one point we see “$20 000 000” displayed on screen, as the voiceover says “twenty billion dollars.”

Eleven minutes in, somebody is speaking German with no subtitles. Later on, non-English speakers do get subtitles, but only if you turn them on for the English speakers too. Partenava is supposedly a former TV reporter and producer, but shows no evidence that she knows how to put together quality programming.

This could, and should, have been fixed before release, but there are more terminal issues afoot. The camera operator seems perpetually unsure where to focus, or even point the camera. A basic steadicam rig wouldn’t have gone amiss here.

The worst problem though is the audio. Interview quality ranges from just about bearable, to compressed to the point of sounding almost robotic. Again, investing in a decent microphone would have done wonders.

The looming economic depression has invoked a lot of macroeconomists and market strategists to predict what kinds of assets will be a hedge against hyperinflation and rising prices on goods like food. Of course, barter and trade will likely rule the roost, but many believe that the safe-haven asset gold will be far more valuable than it is today as well.

A few analysts think that the crypto economy, which is valued at $225 billion today, will be another safe haven asset that will benefit those trying to escape the financial storm. More recently, since the Covid-19 outbreak, observers have said that this is the time for BTC to shine and there are headlines calling Bitcoin “the story of the next decade.” Global Macro Investor CEO Raoul Pal expects bitcoin to be $1 million within the next five years. Another recent report says that after the block reward halving, “a new class of bitcoin millionaires may emerge.”

The CEO of the cannabis business Juicyfields, Alan Glanse thinks the BTC economy will see “substantial market growth,” around 2-3 months after the halving. The stimulus packages have invoked a number of economists to believe that BTC will be fueled by hyperinflation and macroeconomic hardships. The CEO of the firm Coinzoom, Todd Crossland believes the stimulus from the Federal Reserve will bolster a “bull case” for the cryptocurrency.

“While I applaud and support the government in taking the most aggressive measures in providing stimulus for the economy, just the magnitude of the stimulus and printing of dollars, and the accompanying debt gives me a reason to pause. The stimulus will come with inflation and subsequently pressure on the value of the dollar. In my opinion, this paints another bull case for bitcoin and digital assets,” Crossland said on April 27.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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