Top Bet December 22: Detroit Mercy? Horizon League Upside Down for Gamblers

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Tyrone Black
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If you are looking for an edge in your betting, check out those teams that have been red hot Against The Spread thus far, and this includes the Detroit Mercy in College Basketball.

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What's strange about this one is that the Titans haven't exactly been titans when it comes to playing hoops this season.  They are a mere 3-9 Straight Up and rank worst in the Horizon League below nine other teams.

But Detroit Mercy does have something going for them: They are an impressive 9-3 Against The Spread.

By comparison, to show just how upside down the Horizon League is this season when it comes to betting, Northern Kentucky leads with a nice 10-3 record but is a mere 3-8 Against The Spread.

Odds to win 2019 NCAA Men's Tournament (4/8/19) 
Team Odds
Duke 23/10
Kansas 8/1
Gonzaga 10/1
Michigan 12/1
North Carolina 12/1
Virginia 12/1
Nevada 14/1
Kentucky 16/1
Tennessee 16/1
Villanova 25/1
Auburn 33/1
Michigan State 33/1
Arizona State 40/1
Kansas State 40/1
Texas Tech 40/1
Florida 50/1
Indiana 50/1
Mississippi State 50/1
Ohio State 50/1
Oregon 50/1
Purdue 50/1
Syracuse 50/1
UCLA 50/1
Virginia Tech 50/1
West Virginia 50/1
Wichita State 50/1
Wisconsin 50/1
Cincinnati 66/1
Clemson 66/1
Florida State 66/1
LSU 66/1
Marquette 66/1
Maryland 66/1
Miami, Fl. 66/1
St. John's 66/1
Louisville 80/1
Texas 80/1
Arizona 100/1
Baylor 100/1
Buffalo 100/1
Butler 100/1
North Carolina State 100/1
Penn State 100/1
Seton Hall 100/1
TCU 100/1
Texas A&M 100/1
Vanderbilt 100/1
Washington 100/1
Loyola Chicago 150/1


- Tyrone Black,

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