Mob Bosses Among Those Whacked in 'Days' Mass Purge

Written by:
Jordan Bach
Published on:

The long-running NBC mobster-tinged daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives" is about to go on an indefinite production hiatus the end of this month, leaving dozens of actors out of work.  They include John Aniston, the 86-year-old Greek-American actor father of A-list star Jennifer Aniston.  The show's future remains bleak.

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Aniston first appeared on “Days of Our Lives” in 1969, and returned to the show in 1985 for a permanent, regular role on the series as Kiriakis.

He plays Greek mobster Victor Kiriakis on the show, which has aired since 1965.  

New episodes have been filmed eight months in advance and will air at least until September 2020 with zero interruption for viewers.  The show's producers are currently in negotiations with NBC in hopes of continuing its run. 

In addition to its mobster theme, "Days of Our Lives" has also dabbled in demonic possession, live burials, serial killers, incest, cross dressing and was among the first soaps to explore interracial love.

- Jordan Bach,

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