Ayre Goes Off on "Crypto Wankers"

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Aaron Goldstein
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Calvin Ayre, a proponent of the BSV Blockchain warned of a term he may very well have coined: The "crypto wankers".  Who are they?

"(He or she) thinks they should be able to buy zero utility tokens pre-mine, illegally manipulate up the markets and then dump to general public and get rich only stealing from the world," Ayre described in a tweet on Sunday, also noting how these "wankers" do not like the notion that an individua has been identified as creating Bitcoin, Dr. Craig Wright.

"Dr Craig Wright (Satoshi): (He) Builds companies and invents things, thousands of patents filed some for open source use on his invention Bitcoin. Gives freely to the world and takes nothing…but owns things Crypto Wankers want to steal."

Ayre went on: "What do Crypto Wankers want: Censorship of Craig so the world cannot see his ideas to make an informed decision.

"How do this attempt this: by making up fictional stories about him that stop mainstream media from understanding the amazing things he has done and is doing"

Ayre encouraged readers to study Wright's work here.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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