Croatian Americans Seek Out Bookies This World Cup

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Croatian Americans in particular will be seeking out bookies as their team is so far red hot in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.  For the US-based bookmakers, it is prudent to know where the largest concentration of Croats live.

From Wikipedia - Largest Croatian-American concentrations:

According to the 2007 US Community Survey, there were 420,763 Americans of full or partial Croatian descent. According to the 1990 United States Census, there were over 544,270 Croatian Americans who identified themselves as being of Croatian descent or being born in Croatia.

US States with the largest Croatian American populations are:

    Pennsylvania (50,995)
    California (45,537)
    Illinois (44,065)
    Ohio (41,430)
    New York (26,607)
    Michigan (20,547)
    Florida (16,360)
    Wisconsin (15,775)
    Indiana (13,306)
    Washington (13,268)
    New Jersey (13,154)

Keep in mind that, when using a Pay Per Head provider, reports can be generated on specific player betting activity.  How many wagers are being placed on games or futures featuring Team Croatia. 

Another helpful tip: Know the common last names of those with Croatia ancestry.  Croatian surnames are often easily identifiable by the at the end.  Not all Croatian surnames end this way however.

Here are your most popular Croatian surnames:

1. Horvat /horvat/ (22.225)    2. Kovačević /kovachevich/ (15835)
3. Babić /babich/ (13.150)    4. Marić /marich/ (11.617)
5. Novak /nowak/ (11.396)    6. Jurić /jurich/ (11.356)
7. Kovačić /kovachich/ (11.171)    8. Vuković /vukovich/ (10.582)
9. Knežević /knezhevich/ (10.554)    10. Marković /markovich/ (10.074)
11. Petrović /petrovich/ (9.957)    12. Matić /matich/ (9.960)
13. Tomić /tomich/ (9.538)    14. Kovač /kovach/ (8.997)
15. Pavlović /pavlovich/ (8.759)    16. Božić /bozhich/ (8.258)
17. Blažević /blazhevich/ (8.152)    18. Grgić /grgich/ (8.010)
19. Pavić /pavich/ (7.538)    20. Radić /radich/ (7.406)

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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