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Attention All Bookies: Now is the time to make your bookie site the best that it can be. You must create the best bookie site possible in order to run with the “big boys” of the online world. The competition is getting crazier by the minute and everyone wants in on what has become a tremendous cash cow; online gambling. No longer are the days of a guy finding his buddies from the local pub to bet and that’s the end of it. Unfortunately, all of your buddies have discovered the same things that we have, the competition. Look, we throw this word out a lot, but we would be failing you if we didn’t do it. “Competition” it exists in a big and tremendous way and it’s brutal. If you are not offering what “they” are offering, your chances of making it in this business are miniscule. So get in the game, start competing and create the best bookie site possible.

How to complete the customization of your bookie site—

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s take this one step at a time—

      The first thing             that you may be thinking is what bookie site? I don’t have a bookie site and even if I wanted one, how do I get one?

      There is fantastic news for you, you can easily get a great bookie site for very little cost and absolutely no up-front cost. There are fantastic pay per head providers that offer a turnkey website for no startup fee and an extended free trial.  

For those of you with an existing pay per head bookie site or thinking of opening one—

      Think about this; in Las Vegas, what makes money? Is it the sportsbook? Is it the racebook? Is it poker? Is it the casino? Gamers often tend to lump all into one, and this is the world’s biggest misnomer. The gaming industry has many different arms and they are uniquely different from each other.    

      The Casino: The casino is the single biggest moneymaker in all of Las Vegas and in all of the gaming world combined. The casinos in Las Vegas generate billions of dollars annually and untold billions in income. The casinos truly have a house-advantage and it’s not just in Vegas, the casinos have the same house-advantage online.

      You must customize your online bookie site with a fantastic Las Vegas style casino, you can do this for a low cost and you can do it quickly.            

      For around $10-$15 per head you can have a casino up and running tonight. Your players can be playing -=today, and you can be making huge money today.

      The Sportsbook: If your site is up and operational but you would like to do more with it, then you absolutely have the option of doing so. Call your PPH provider and have them help you. Hopefully you are with a fantastic PPH that offers the best in client services, and hopefully you can call them toll free from the United States and converse in English, if not, find a PPH that can do all of this for you. Don’t waste your money.

      Many PPH companies exist to recruit as many bookies as they can, it’s a numbers game and they are cheap. They offer cheap fees to get you in the door and they abandon you. Find a great middle of the road bookie that can offer you what you really need for a fair price. Most bookies offer their services for $15 per head which includes           the ability for your clients to have full access to the racebook and casino and call their bets in as well.           

      Be very leery of rock bottom pricing in the PPH business. You will absolutely get what you pay for.

      The bottom line is this, “build it and they will come”. If you build the best casino and sportsbook that you can, and make it look fantastic just as if your client was logging into one of the “big boys” of the online gaming world, you will start to see your world change. You will start to see clients flocking to your site. Build a sportsbook that not only casual gamblers love but the “wise guys” as well. Have great lines and odds, offer a baseball dime line, offer the many sports available, and the many ways to bet those sports… you must offer what the “big boys” are offering.          

Call your PPH provider and solicit their help, start building not only a great bookie site but a great online casino. Build the best bookie site possible with all of the tools and resources provided by your PPH. Start making big money now.         

Think about some of the biggest online sportsbooks that you know of. In your minds eye, think of them and name them. You know who they are, you can see their logo and you may even have an account with a few of them. Don’t you want what they have? Think how large their client base is – and you can believe, it’s huge! You want just a piece of this pie and now you can have it. Either find a great PPH or call your existing PPH and get moving! There is money to burn and we hope you are the ones enjoying the profits from online gaming, not the “big boys”.

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