CoinGeek New York City Conference: Tuesday The Must See Virtual Event for Gaming, eSports Interests

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C Costigan
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CoinGeek New York is finally here and for gaming interests, Tuesday (0ctober 5) will be the most required viewing virtually to find out how Bitcoin SV can revolutionize your operations.


CoinGeek is returning to the world’s financial capital to showcase the latest developments on the BSV Blockchain. The BSV Blockchain is revolutionizing the world through its data management solutions because of its scalability, stability, security, and safe instant transactions. There are amazing solutions built on top of the BSV Blockchain that allow Supply Chain Management, Health Care, Global FinTech, Marketing, and many other industries to transform the way they do business. It’s about time you knew about them.

Adam Kling, Founder & CEO, FYX Gaming, Inc, will be among those speaking Tuesday.

Adam is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of doing successful projects within the performance marketing industry. Impressed with bitcoin's dominance of 2013's headlines, he has been following the development of blockchain technologies ever since and trying to find that perfect fit of technology and market fit. Combining competitive gaming & bitcoin opens up new worlds that he intends to take on with a passion.


FYX Gaming's CryptoFights is among the most successful gaming enterprises on the BSV blockchain network.

Originally Kling wanted to build on the Ethereum blockchain but ran into numerous obstacles.

According to Kling, BSV opened up the team’s grand vision.  Once they pointed their backend to BSV and learned to develop using that blockchain, Ethereum quickly became an afterthought.

“We originally were building on Ethereum but had issues with cost, speed, and complexity needed to achieve our long term goals,” said Kling of what Kronoverse originally planned to do when building CryptoFights. “We chose BSV because it focused on scaling which amounts to fast and cheap transactions that we needed to enable high-performance gaming applications.”

The full list of Tuesday gaming events appear below.

Online Games: Next Level on the BSV Blockchain (9:50 am ET)


Brandon Bryant - Software Engineer, HandCash

Eric LaForce - Technical Co-Founder, Haste Arcade

Jackson Laskey - Co-Founder & CEO, Unbounded Enterprise

Taylor Searle - Strategic Advisor, Built By Gamers

Esports & Blockchain: The Next Level of Professional Gaming (11 am)



Jimmy Nguyen - Founding President, Bitcoin Association


David Case - CTO, FYX Gaming

Daniel Cossi - President, World Esports Consortium (WESCO)

Tyler Farnsworth - CMO, Built by Gamers

Henry James - CEO, Espo

Blockchain Solutions for Responsible Gaming Compliance



Becky Liggero Fontana - Lead Gaming Industry Reporter, CoinGeek


Peter Bainbridge-Clayton - Founder & CTO, kompany

Paul Foster - CEO, Crucial Compliance

Nick Hill - Sales Director, nChain

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- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.,com

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