Cincinnati Bengals Power Ranking 2018 Week 7

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Mary Montgomery
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The Cincinnati Bengals come in ranked at number 10 for Week 7 of the NFL season. 


Week 7 Power Ranking

From "Great googly moogly. What an awful way to lose (yet again) to the dreaded Steelers in Cincinnati. Marvin Lewis' defense couldn't hold the fort late. His face said it all when CBS gave us the proverbial let's-take-an-extra-long-look-at-the-coach-being-totally-dejected-and-trying-but-not-trying-to-hide-it-while-the-other-team-goes-for-a-mostly-meaningless-two-point-conversion shot ... or something like that. There was the holding call on that final drive to extend the Pittsburgh foray. Then the nobody's-home middle screen to Antonio Brown on the game's most important -- and controversial -- play. All of which negated a clutch Bengals drive featuring an on-point Andy Dalton. Next up: at Kansas City in prime time. Yeesh."

The Chiefs current NFL Betting Power Rating is at 25.51.  They play Cincinnati with a 20.61 Power Rating.  Factoring in the home field advantage for KC, the line should be Chiefs -8. 

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