Chicago Sports Betting to Tack on Another 2 Percent

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
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Illinois has a 15% tax rate on sports betting, Cook County imposes a 2% rate and now the city of Chicago wants to tack on another 2%.


The Lori Lightfoot administration’s revised sports betting ordinance headed for approval before the Council’s License and Zoning Committees includes a 2% city tax on gross revenues from sports betting in Chicago. Two groups are currently vying to operate a casino in the nation's third largest city.

“We’re in good shape to move this forward. And I look forward to making sure that we get our fair share of the revenues from this,” the mayor said Monday.

Noting that two percent matches the county tax, she said, “It’s only fair that the city of Chicago also obtain revenues as a result of this new venture by the sports teams.”

- Aaron Goldstein,

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