First Person to be Shown in Rakuten’s Casino Royale-Themed Commercial Prop Bet Odds Super Bowl 56

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Jordan Bach
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There are betting odds on the First person to be shown in Rakuten’s Casino Royale-themed commercial?

Tom Hardy +500 (pays $50 for every $10 bet)

Matthew McConaughey +550 (pays $55 for every $10 bet)

Idris Elba +600 (pays $60 for every $10 bet)

Daniel Craig +700

Shannon Elizabeth +750

Michael B. Jordan +800

Zac Efron +900

Chris Hemsworth +900

Hugh Jackman +900

Will Smith +900

Rob Lowe +1000

Pierce Brosnan +1000

Ben Affleck +1000

Matt Damon +1000

Kevin Hart +1200

This would be Rakuten's first Super Bowl appearance as it looks to claim a leadership position in the crowded cashback platform field.

"The Super Bowl is the place to do that," said Victoria McRae, head of VP Brands and Creatives at Rakuten.

- Jordan Bach,

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