Can I Start an Online Sportsbook From the State of Illinois?

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One can start an online sportsbook from the state of Illinois by using one of a few dozen Pay Per Head solutions available, all based outside the United States.  Illinois could be one of a handful of sites offering sports betting some time next year following a Supreme Court ruling that abolished decades long prohibition at the state level.

What You Need to Start Your Illinois Sportsbook

Just a few players is all you'll need to get going.  Each player will cost around $10 per week, but that's about four to five times less than what each customer will cost you in overhead on your own.  You will get full access to the software, both back end and access for players, 24/7 customer service, complete reporting, expert linesman and LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING, not to mention an online casino and full service race book.

Your Teams

Bears 90/1 odds of winning Super Bowl 53

Cubs 7/1 odds of winning the World Series this year

White Sox


Blackhawks 28/1 odds of winning the 2019 Stanley Cup


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- Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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