Can I Start an Online Sportsbook From Kentucky?

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C Costigan
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Wanna start an online sportsbook from the state of Kentucky?  The US Supreme Court has abolished decades old prohibition of sports betting, however, each state much change its own laws to allow the activity.  There are a number of Pay Per Head solutions run from other countries that offer their services to Kentucky residents.

What You Need to Start Your Kentucky Sportsbook

Just a few players is all you'll need to get going.  Each player will cost around $5 per week, but that's about four to five times less than what each customer will cost you in overhead on your own.  You will get full access to the software, both back end and access for players, 24/7 customer service, complete reporting, expert linesman and LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING, not to mention an online casino and full service race book.

Your Teams

Wildcats - They had the second shortest odds of winning the Championship at 7/1.

Cardinals - They are a real long shot in 2019 at greater than 100/1 odds.

Bengals and Colts - Both teams have solid fan bases in the state depending on location.  Neither is expected to enjoy a successful season.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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