Can I Bet With the WynnBet App From California?

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Dan Shapiro
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You may be seeing those WynnBet sports betting ads during football games, but if you live in California, you are out of luck.  WynnBet is NOT available there.  You do have other options, including's newest sponsor: BetAdrian offers a 100% welcome bonus (max bonus $2500) and a FREE NO DEPOSIT $20 SIGNUP BONUS.  Minimum bets just $1.


Even if California in the future opts to offer sports betting via in-state operators, it will likely not be via one's mobile phone.  Instead, the powerful tribes would want gamblers to visit their casinos to bet sports. 

Florida serves as the perfect example of the complications involved with trying to regulate sports wagering when the tribes have a say.  That state attempted to assist the powerful Seminoles in building their gamblng monopoly but other operators and interest groups have other ideas.  Now sports betting is likely to be tied up in a legal quagmire.

BetAdrian fills the void with one of the most unique options on the Net.  Those 18 and up are welcome and the site will never report your winnings.

"Our site is convenient, quick, and user-friendly than most other bookmakers. As a result, you are able to view our odds faster, pick your favorite team and place a bet in less than a minute. Our customer service is friendly and answers all questions in a timely matter."

- Dan Shapiro,

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