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Handicapping the CFL is not a cakewalk but it is certainly a lot easier than handicapping the NFL. The NFL season is still a ways off and the betting options right now are baseball, golf, tennis and the WNBA. All of which are great sports to bet on but football is what’s being missed here. All of the before mentioned sports simply do not fill in the gap and do not make up for the lack of the NFL or the NCAA.

CFL Teams


Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Montreal Alouettes

Ottawa Redblacks

Toronto Argounauts


BC Lions

Calgary Stampeeders

Edmonton Eskimos

Saskatchewan Roughriders

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Now, unless you are from Canada you probably have no idea how good or how bad any of these teams are and there is a good chance that you know nothing about the CFL whatsoever. Listen, football is football and the time to enjoy it is now.

Online Sportsbook - Americas Bookie Winning Friends with a Great Reputation

Now is the time to start betting the CFL so that you will have a great understating of what it takes to win in any league. The nice thing about football; there is no shortage of handicappers available for some very solid advise. First thing is first, scour the internet and find that great handicapping service. Find one that come with a free trial and use them for a couple of months to get a feel for the handicapping game. Handicappers are otherwise known as sharp players and they really do know their stuff. Don’t sell yourself short by guessing or betting with a gut feeling. This is the absolute worst way to go and you will most likely lose your shirt very quickly.

Become a Smarter Football Bettor – Football  Betting Picks, Tips and Strategies

The CFL offers high flying action and a ton of scoring. An offense driven league is exactly what the CFL is and you can always count on a lot of scoring. Johnny Manziel has made his comeback with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and this should be interesting to say the least. The field in the CFL is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide making the action all the faster. It’s often said that Kurt Warner’s Rams were the “fastest show on turf” now we know it’s the CFL

Find a great online sportsbook  that promotes and pushes the CFL. There are many out there but just as in the NFL, be careful. Find one that has a great reputation for customer service, one that you can call if need be from the United States or Canada. This is a big deal. There are always things that happen and from time to time you may need to call your bookie. Make sure they have an open line of communication.

America’s Bookie - How to Bet On Sports – Betting on CFL Games

Learn how to budget your money and never telegraph your bets. In other words, know why a d how you want to bet and don’t worry about noise. There is too much noise in our personal live to worry about everyone else. The great news about the CFL is very long season. If you want to compete with the big boys you must play with the big boys, so don’t be afraid to let it all hang out. The CFL has some great players and it is a great league to watch. Get in now and have fun and hopefully win some extra money. Call your favorite bookie and ask them for a nice bonus and get the latest Scores, Stats and odds. The CFL is the best game in town this time of year so have fun!

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