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The COVID-19 pandemic has completely rocked the world and has affected every person and business on the planet.

In the pay per head world which provides a service of offering bookies a fully functional website for their players to bet on various sporting events has also been greatly affected with all major sports leagues being put on hold.

As a result, quite a few PPH companies have had to limit their daily working hours, cut staff, put their own business on hold, and in some cases completely close down their business. Some companies were just too small to be able to handle the lack of sports available which has greatly reduced the number of players that bet on a weekly basis. Also, companies that were offering rock bottom prices, were now not able to earn enough money to cover their weekly costs, which can be very high if you are actually running a quality pay per head service.

However one of the top companies in the pay per head market is AcePerHead.com and they have been able to weather this virus storm by maintaining business as usual approach to the situation parlayed with a unique ability to adapt to the changing sports betting environment.

Ace has remained on their normal 24 hours a day 7 day a week schedule and has not cut staff, as a way to ensure that their product and customer service would not suffer. As a result, Ace continues to invest in technology and overall high standards of their quality service. Sure revenue has taken a bit of hit, since there are fewer players interested in betting due to the inactivity in NBA, MLB, and NHL leagues, however, that is not stopping them from providing the most complete pay per head product on the market.

Sports Betting Options

Instead Ace has led the innovation of adding new and unique betting options to offer players to bet on during these unprecedented times. As a result, Ace has various simulation video game options to watch and bet on directly from each player account, such as NFL Madden 20, MLB The Show, NBA2K20, Soccer FIFA, NHL20, and UFC. This has been an extremely popular betting option for the younger generation and has allowed players to get to bet on games from morning until night.

In addition, Ace is offering many other betting options such as horse matchups on each race of each track that is running races, table tennis, e-sports, amateur golf and tennis, international baseball, hockey, basketball, and soccer, state lotteries, weather betting for selected cities, stock market and crypto price over-under bets, UFC, NASCAR, and a premium live platform that has live betting for all available games with 50 to 70 live betting options per game.

As a result, Ace has been able to adapt to the new betting environment and offer the same quality service they always offered before the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a result, bookie agents have also been able to stay in business since their players have had many alternate betting options to choose from to keep them betting and losing. So give ACE PER HEAD a call today at 1-800-909-5193 and get set up with a serious pay per head company that still provides a top-quality product.

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