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Aaron Goldstein
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Bookmaking solutions are readily available to those living in the great state of Alabama.

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Alabama is a huge gambling state due to the massive College Football fan base here.

The state has very limited gambling opportunities outside the regional bookmaker. 

Unlike its neighbor to the west, Mississippi, Alabama has little interest in gambling activities.

From AL.com:

Alabama, more than any Bible Belt state, has long recoiled over the notion of legalized gambling of any kind. And there are plenty of doubters on whether Alabama can move forward with sports gambling even after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 25-year-old federal ban against it outside of Nevada.

"President Trump will kneel for the National Anthem before Alabamians will get to vote on lottery, casinos and sports betting," said Danny Sheridan, a nationally known sports analyst and oddsmaker who resides in Mobile.

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