Bookies Looking for a Revenue Stream | Futures or Props?

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It’s no secret that this business you love is a tough one, it’s a fun one, but a tough one and it is marginal. There are times when you are killing it, and raking in the big bucks, then there are times when you wish you had never jumped in. Start with finding a fantastic pay per head that offers you the ability to offer the best props and futures online.

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  • The grand casinos of the Las Vegas strip make untold billions of dollars every year and we know one thing for a fact, it’s not from sportsbooks. They make a lot of money from the sportsbook, but their main revenue share is from the casino, and other forms of wagering such as the racebook, along with props and futures. Prop odds are a sure-fire way to make extra money on a daily basis. It’s difficult for the bettor to beat prop odds and futures are an even greater revenue stream; it’s money now with no immediate pay-out.
  • This is in no way meant to discourage you from operating a fantastic sportsbook, but you must always remember one thing; the mega sportsbooks on the Las Vegas strip are brick and mortar, they thrive on walk-up traffic. That walk-up traffic is something you don’t have, as a result, you must make up for it in one fashion or another. The best way to make up for no foot traffic is to keep your clients hand off the mouse!
  • What you offer your clients and what they see on the screen in front of them is vital to your existence. You must offer what they want, and you must be prepared for their boredom. Sports gamblers are often restless, they like the action and they want the action all day, and all night. If you offer it, they will gamble on it. If you don’t offer it, they will find someone that is. You want them on your site, and you want to keep them loyal. We all know that hardly any sports gambler is 100% loyal to one bookie, however, you can absolutely swing their loyalties in your favor with props and futures.


  • Prop odds are a must for any bookie that wants to make a serious side income. The revenue from props will not overtake you, don’t count on that, however, it can earn a pile of money over the course of one busy season. Think about the many sports that offer prop wagering – the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA FB, NCAA BB, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, NASCAR, and on down the line it goes. Every day there are great prop odds to be offered on nearly every contest. You certainly don’t have to offer them all, but you should be offering the best ones available for the best events.
  • The great thing about a pay per head is this; you have to touch absolutely nothing. The PPH takes care of everything. They set the daily prop lines for you. You couldn’t possibly offer prop odds on your own. The job is much too overwhelming.


  • Futures are a bit different than prop odds and we recommend them, however, proceed with caution. Set a futures budget and work this budget within your overall budget. Know how much you are willing to lose at the end of any given season.
  • Futures are great for one reason; you see the money now and you have to pay nothing now. This obviously helps your bottom line and allows for monies to cover any other losses.           
  • You need the revenue; can you afford the risk? If you set limits, yes. You must set individual limits on players and then set limits as to where you top-out
  • If worse comes to worst and things go south and it looks as if the future bet is doing remarkably well late in the season, you always have the option to lay-off. We don’t recommend this, but it is an option.

Finally, remember one thing; find support. You can’t possibly be a success without the use of fantastic bookie software that’s offered through a white label pay per head provider. Find a free trial offer and use the site for a month, explore and find out whether or not this is for you.

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