A Bookie’s Guide to Creating a BetAlert Strategy for NFL Betting

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NFL training camps start next week. That means most online bookies have turned their attention to NFL betting.

For most bookies, NFL betting adds the most profit of the year. Check out how online bookies can create a strategy around the PayPerHead BetAlert.

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BetAlert Strategy for NFL Betting

The BetAlert pings bookies when a wager has been placed. Check out a strategy around the PayPerHead BetAlert tool.

1. Check pro player activity reports

Check out pro player activity reports for NFL betting:

      What pro players bet the most on NFL games?

      What were those pro players tendencies?

      Did they prefer to bet on teams playing on grass?

      AFC or NFC teams?

      Dome teams?

2. Set up BetAlerts around those pro players

Set up bet alerts around those pro players. You could set up BetAlerts based on pro player tendencies. Or, you could set them up based on whether the pro player makes a wager or not.

3. Decide on how you want to use the bet alert information

If the bet alert pings the online bookie that a wager has been placed, the online bookie can then decide to either use that information to encourage steam betting. Or, the bookie can use that information to discourage steam betting.

If the choice is to encourage steam betting, alert casual players that the NFL wager is hot in your sportsbook. That should definitely encourage steam betting.

However, if the goal is to prevent steam betting, set an override on the game. Then, promote other NFL games that week.

If the pro player’s wager has hit the bookies action threshold, take the game off the board.

There’s no rules that say you must allow all players to bet on all NFL games.

In addition, online bookies should utilize their layoff accounts to stem action on the specific bet alerted NFL game.

What should you do if you don’t have any pro playing clients? The most important thing to do in this case is to use the process with your most active NFL wagering casual player.

Then, decide what to do with the bet alert info for other casual players.

Start building out your sportsbook strategies now, with the NFL betting season quickly approaching, bookies should be getting themselves ready.

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