Bookies Can Look Forward To These 10 Sports Betting Events of 2019

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Pay per head agents should look forward to a profitable 2019. Check out 10 sports betting events that are sure to garner action that turns to profit in most ever agent run sportsbook.

10 of the Biggest Sporting Events This Year

Online bookies looking to capitalize on the year should consider what their sportsbook management software is really doing for them. Being able to offer over 80+ leagues (that includes international) and 1000’s of events to players will help create a sustainable business.

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1. Super Bowl 53 – Feb. 3

The most important sports betting event of the year happens in less than a month. Bookies should promote both straight wagers as well as prop wagers on Super Bowl 53.

Check out PayPerHead’s Super Bowl Odds and Sportsbook Tips while you’re at it!

2. Daytona 500 – Feb. 17

The first NASCAR Monster Energy Cup of the year takes place in mid-February. Promoting NASCAR should lead to massive profits.

3. March Madness – March 19 – April 8

The second biggest wagering event of the year takes place a couple of months after Super Bowl 53. The 3-week NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament should be bookmaking bliss.

4. MLB Regular Season – Early April

Pay per head agents should make an effort to gain more baseball action in 2019. Games take place every day and the season’s a long one.

5. Triple Crown – May 4 – June 5

Horse racing’s Triple Crown garners more attention than any other group of 3 races during the entire year. Bookmakers must make sure to capitalize!

6. NBA Finals – May 30 – Early June

The NBA Finals should drive basketball betting action. If LeBron James and the Lakers make the finals, the event will promote itself.

7. U.S. Open Tennis – August – Sep. 8

The year’s top tennis match could garner plenty of action. Bookies must make sure to set max betting limits on the favorites like Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal.

8. College Football Season – Late August-Early September

Will Clemson make it back-to-back? Will Alabama avenge their embarrassing 2019 National Championship loss?

It all starts in late August!

9. NFL Regular Season – Sep. 5

The action ratchets up in early September once Week 1 of the NFL Regular Season starts.

10. World Series – October-November

The Boston Red Sox dominated the Fall Classic last season. They might not dominate this season. In fact, no team has won back-to-back World Series since the Yankees from 1998-2000.

Pay per head agents should promote the World Series and turn action into profit.

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