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Pay per head (PPH) services help many bookmakers manage their day-to-day operations. Yet, some bookie operators take a long time to select the right PPH company. This gives their competitors an advantage as they use search services to broaden their clientele. Listed below are four PPH services you have never heard of before. 

  1. PPH365 

PPH365 is the best pay per head service today. It monitors all daily bookmaking operations for its customers. Many offshore operators like PPH365 because of its exclusive lines and sports gambling software. 

The easy-to-use software satisfies agents' and bookmakers' needs. The company provides a wide array of gaming options that increase your sources of revenue. It has an extra feature that helps you disable and enable betting options, change wager limits, access weekly limits and performance reports. 

PPH365 offers unlimited customer support at a cheap rate. It doesn't need you to pay commissions or share revenue. Besides, you can access its PPH services without buying its software. 

  1. AIPPH 

Gamblers and sportsbooks get a seamless gambling experience from AIPPH. Its reliable tech support gives it an edge over many PPH firms. The company doesn't give bookmakers obligations while signing up as you can try its software before paying a subscription. 

The software is suitable for novice and experienced bookies. It offers all-in-one gambling solutions in a single account. You will get efficient sports betting live lines at AIPPH. 

AIPPH has an in-built redundancy feature that keeps all bookmakers and pundits online. Its system has amazing performance and is reliable throughout. 

The software can handle huge traffic during beak gambling hours without experiencing a system breakdown. It provides bookies with backend flexibility that allows them to change line profiles, restrictions, and limits. 

The company keeps players engaged with its broad array of gambling options. You can get extra lines for popular sporting events. AIPPH's ten years of experience makes it a favorite pay per head service provider for online sportsbooks and bookmaking agents. 

  1. America's Bookie 

The pay per head provider has operated for over ten years. Players wager on different major sports in its racebook and play in its casino. America's Bookie's software provides 100 percent free wagers that it adjusts to a $100 deposit. 

The software is easy to use, and it enables pundits to wager on any sport. You can sign up at the site in a minute. 

America's Bookies offers bets like action reverse, if win or tie only, parlays, straight bets, round robins, and teasers. Besides, gamblers can wager on entertainment and political events. 

The company has a well-organized homepage that mostly focuses on sports gambling. It lacks irritating ads, unlike other bookie software. Your intuition will help you select various features on the software, especially when entering the bet type. 

America's Bookie provides in-play wagering. Tap "Live Betting" at the top of the home page to access various live betting options. The site will redirect you to another page displaying all upcoming games. 

  1. 247PPH 

Bookmakers get end-to-end betting solutions from 247PPH's software. You have to pay an initial fee for the company to activate your bookie account. It will set up your players on its system and create gambling limits for them. 

The software will handle all betting operations, but you need to collect online payments from each player. Also, it constantly updates live odds on renowned sports, including the Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association (NBA), and the National Football League (NFL). 

Many successful sportsbooks use premium pay per head services to make payouts, accept and settle wagers. They offer them unlimited access to an all-inclusive website with many sports. Most PPH companies have skilled oddsmakers who set accurate lines and odds. Check out PPH365, AIPPH, America's Bookie, and 247PPH to get exceptional PPH services.

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