Bitcoin Site Goes Dark After Apparent Hacking

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Aaron Goldstein
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A prominent Bitcoin central site was hacked early Thursday and went dark as a result of what experts are calling a "giveaway scam".

bitcoin-sv-ad.png, the website that was once the main landing portal for all things Bitcoin, today suffered an embarrassing hack that has already cost naive BTC users money.

Earlier Thursday, a pop-up message blocked the homepage screen, inviting visitors to send money to a bitcoin wallet. The funds will be doubled and sent back, the message said. The message claims it is because the Bitcoin Foundation is “giving back to the community.”

The hacker reportedly got away with $18,000.


Craig Massey: Bitcoin SV is the Golden Goose to Lay the Golden Eggs

Craig Massey is a man on a mission. A mission to show the world what companies can achieve when they use #BSV. That’s why he has co-founded the Satoshi Block Dojo (, a startup accelerator for budding entrepreneurs with ideas for building on the BSV #blockchain.

The London based program will offer successful applicants 12 weeks of support, investment opportunities and up to £150,000 in backing. The accelerator has already accepted six founders who will be starting their journey in January 2022. Craig says that he’s chosen to focus on businesses who plan to build real world applications, rather than infrastructure companies which are already prevalent in the space.

Speaking on this week’s episode of #CGConversations, he discusses the six startups that he has chosen and what makes them special. He also explains what makes the Satoshi Block Dojo different to other incubators, saying that “most incubators, they pay lip service, they do a very small amount of work.”

- Aaron Goldstein,

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