Bitcoin SV Founder Announces $5K Bounty to Find Out Twitter User's True Identity

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Aaron Goldstein
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It may not be the dreaded hashwars of late this past year, but it's getting ugly out there in Crypto World.


Dr. Craig Wright, the man creator of Bitcoin SV reportedly placed a $5000 bounty on information regarding the identity of Twitter user Hodlnaut.  The cryptocurrency community reacted on Twitter by creating #WeAreAllHodlonaut hashtag and at least one exchange has warned of delisting the altcoin if such behavior continues.

Hodlnaut had apparently been relentless via Twitter, targeted Wright with offensive tweets, calling him “a very sad and pathetic scammer.

NChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen discusses the recent hashwars and Bitcoin SV with's Chris Costigan

Wright claims to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

His coin does appear to be gaining some traction as the cryptocurreny market has enjoyed a trading resurgence in recent weeks.

Circle have announced that users outside of the United States can now get BSV through margin trading on their Poloniex exchange.

Cryptocurrencies now account for upwards of 70% of all online gambling funds transfers.

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