Sudan Embraces the Blockchain, Arizona One Step Closer to Sports Betting

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Gilbert Horowitz
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The Bitcoin Association and the BSV delegation was welcome by the Sudan government last week in an effort to implement blockchain technology in a nation that only recently opened up to the rest of the world after being mired in internal conflicts over the past few decades.

The governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are now committed to boosting Sudan's economy.

The Bitcoin Association shared the stage with several senior officials from across the Sudanese government, tackling topics as diverse as national digital ledgers, Islamic Finance and distributed identity systems.

Other topics touched on how blockchain technology can be used as a tool for public good, including applications and implementations for smart cities, healthcare, supply chain management and combatting corruption.

Robert Rice, CEO of Transmira, sat down with Chief Bitcoin Historian Kurt Wuckert Jr to discuss the Sudan trip and more.  Watch above.

Sports Betting in Arizona Awaits Governor's Signature

The Arizona legislature has approved legalizing sports wagering.  Only Governor Doug Ducey's signature is required and he has already expressed support for the measure. The bill would also authorize fantasy sports.

Lawmakers moved companion bills, Senate Bill 1797 and House Bill 2772 through their respective chambers.  The House version received final approval and a 23-6 vote.

The measure also received crucial support from the state tribes.

Ten professional sports teams and 10 tribes will be able to acquire sports betting licenses and offer mobile wagering. The off-reservation sportsbooks also can offer betting at sites within five blocks of their sports facilities.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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