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The National Basketball Association (NBA) is more than seven decades old. Its popularity has grown over the years from North America to the rest of the world. The 30-teams basketball tournament has many fans. Some of them are regular NBA pundits who wager at different betting sites. Still, some amateurs have a murky understanding of NBA betting. The following are eight common types of NBA wagers. 

1.  Match Bets 

Bookies need you to wager on the team that has a higher winning probability. Match bets are available for all NBA games. Bookies set odds for various teams according to their chances of winning. This option has high odds, and it is a favorite of many NBA gamblers. Besides, it is necessary to check if any key player is nursing an injury and the statistics of each team. 

2.  Handicap Betting 

You can place handicap bets, also known as line bets, on any NBA match. The underdog gets a head start before the game begins while the favorite team is handicapped. For example, Seattle might have +7.5 teams. So, if the team losses by less than 7.5 points, you will win the bet. Also, you will win a payout if Seattle wins the game. But, you will lose the bet if the team loses the game by eight points. 

3.  Futures Bets 

This betting option allows you to bet on a market that was released before a game was played. For example, you can wager on Stephen Curry to have the highest NBA points scored in a particular month before the next NBA season starts. The outright championship winner is the most renowned type of futures bet. It has good value as its form is less exposed. Future odds frequently change when the season starts.

4.  Proposition Bets 

Generally, basketball props have yes and no options, like if James LeBron will have over 15 rebounds or if Joel Embiid will score over 30 points in a match. NBA prop bets entail predicting the performance of teams and players rather than traditional wagers like points total go over/under the line. Many prop bets comprise assists, points, and rebounds. 

5.  First Basket Bets 

First basket odds have great returns if an unprecedented result drains a game's first basket. Professional NBA pundits recommend placing these bets just before the game starts to avoid sudden team inclusions and late withdrawals. Relief players can be added if their teammates fall sick. They have a greater first basket value than players who are added to a team a few minutes before they start playing. 

6.  Total Points Scored 

This market suits amateur NBA gamblers who are familiar with player injuries, players, teams, and their recent performance. Bookies give games a points total. You can wager on whether the game's combined total points will be above 185.5. Total points scored are a 50/50 wager with about $1.90 odds. Some people call it the over/under bet. 

7.  Quarter Winner Bets 

You will predict the team that will win a certain quarter. The market has three options, including team C, tie, or team D. The game's results don't bar quarter bets. So, you will win a payout even if the quarter bet winner lost the entire game. 

8.  Player Total Points 

Popular betting firms offer this bet for top NBA players. A bookie will predict specific point totals for a team, and you will wager on whether a player's score will be less or more than what the bookie predicted.

Some sports analysts claim that the NBA is as popular as football in the United States. Many bookmakers offer a broad selection of NBA bets, including match bets, handicap bets, futures bets, proposition bets, first basket bets, total points scored, quarter winner bets, and player total points. It is wise to create an NBA betting strategy to win huge payouts.

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