Better Call Saul Betting Odds Favor Jail for Gene

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Jordan Bach
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Better Call Saul is the enormously popular television series airing on AMC.  It has also attracted a fair amount of betting over at

Better Call Saul’s series finale will air Monday Aug. 15 and our friends at SportsBetting continue to take bets on various outcomes.

At this point, the most bets are that neither Breaking Bad nor Better Call Saul will be said in the finale. Other popular bets include Kim’s Florida boyfriend and Francesca will be seen in the finale.

A trial scene with Saul in it is basically 50-50 at this point. There is also a list of characters and their odds to appear in the finale (minus odds means they are expected to appear).

NOTE: There are no spoilers in the Better Call Saul betting odds below. The website has no inside information as these projections are only based on speculation from watching the series.

However, bets from certain people can sometimes indicate that “someone knows something.”

We've got all the latest Better Call Saul betting odds below and available for wagering here.

What will be Saul Goodman's final fate?                 

Jail                               -250

Still free (on the run)  +150

Death                          +425


Will Saul and Kim meet face to face in finale?                    

Yes                  -300

No                   +200


Will Kim Wexler be arrested or prosecuted?                      

No                   -1000

Yes                  +550


Will there be a trial scene with Saul in it?               

No                   -175

Yes                  +135


What will be said in series finale?                

Neither                        -250

Better Call Saul           +210

Breaking Bad               +500

Both                            +900


Which characters will be seen in series finale?                   

Chuck McGill               -200

Jeff                              -150

Marion                        -150

Vacuum Guy               +100

Howard Hamlin           +150

Mike Ehrmantraut      +200

Kim's Boyfriend           +300

Francesca                    +500

Skyler White               +500

Gus Fring                     +700

Huell Babineaux          +900

Walter Jr.                    +900

Lalo Salamanca           +1000

Hank Schrader            +2000

Jesse Pinkman             +2000

Badger                         +2500

Skinny Pete                 +2500

Marie Schrader           +5000

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