Dropping Like Flies: 231 Down in a Single Day

Written by:
Don Shapiro
Published on:

Ahhhhh we can all give thanks that there is a $10,000 Thanksgiving Day Parlay Contest upcoming as most of you still in the hunt for BetOnline's Big NFL Survivor Contest 2021 ultimately ended up sitting ducks with a few cruel losses that should otherwise have been locks Straight Up.

"This time yesterday there were 708 left in the $200,000 Survivor Contest Now we are down to 477. 10% on Bucs tonight," Dave Mason of BetOnline revealed.

The winner of this year's NFL Survivor Contest gets paid a whopping $500K.  The second place winner gets $200K.

For those looking to get down on an upcoming contest, BetOnline releases weekly contests available for joining here with details appearing below.

While Mason had not disclosed which teams resulted in the huge dropoff of contestants, one would suspect the Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans had something to do with the downfall.  Tennessee, in particular, was a -10 point favorite against the victorious Texans.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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