BetMGM Limits Player to Just $12.43 Then Touts $362,000 Bet From "Shaggy"

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Just days before touting their yuuuuuge betting limits, BetMGM cut one successful sports bettor's limits down to a shocking $12.43.  How they arrived at this number is anybody's guess.  As we bid farewell to the month of December, Gambling911 takes a look back at one of the more ludicrous moves in the world of US regulated sports betting.  (join with just an name, email address and text number here)


More specifically, Chris Fallica had his limits slashed on NCAA Football games, probably because he is good a picking winners.  That's a sin when it comes to a good chunk of the legal sportsbook scene in the States.  And it may explain why more and more sports bettors from New Jersey are regularly searching "Is Bovada legal in New Jersey?" and "Can I Bet on Bovada From New Jersey?". 

To be clear, Bovada, which is licensed in Antigua and does not accept customers from the Garden State, is hardly a professional sports bettor's dream book.  The idea that there is a mass exodus to Bovada as a result of regulated stateside books making it nearly impossible to place a bet is akin to Myanmar refugees escaping to Kabul in an effort to flee oppression.

Limited to $12.43 on NCAA FB side?

Days after Fallica had his betting limits cut to $12.43, BetMGM tweeted out some kid they claimed placed a $362,000 bet on the Colts to win at -2.5 to pay out $691,094 in their December 18 game against New England?  Something must have been missing from this tweet as it would have been a winner otherwise.  Maybe it was part of a parlay?

Sadly, Fallica lost his $12.43 bet on Grand Canyon in their game against Arizona State December 9.  Bummer!

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