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The Jaguars head to Tennessee on a mission and that’s to win two in a row. Amazingly, they scored count them, 6, 6 whole points last week against the Colts and got the win.

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Now this was a shocker for two reasons. One, who wins an NFL football game 6-0, and how does anybody get shut out of an NFL game in this day and age? Really shocking that the Colts who were scoring just over 29 points per game and have seemingly turned their fate around, they couldn’t even come up with one stinking field goal. Are the Jaguars this difficult to score against?

Let’s see for ourselves: Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans Preview and Predictions

The Jaguars started the season in what looked to be grand fashion with two straight wins over the Giants, 20-15 and then the Patriots, 31-20. Of all places to find offense, against New England! Then, came the first meeting with the Titans in week three, the wheels fell off the bus and they could only find 6 points and lost, 9-6, in Jacksonville. Then, they found their offense again but it came against the Jets of all people, to the tune of 31-12.

This is when the wheels really fell off the wagon and the Jags lost 7 in a row. They found some offense along the way but not much. The Cowboys loss was a disaster, 40-7, the Texans, 20-7, the Eagles, 24-18, the Steelers, 20-16, the Bills 24-21. Other than the Colts, Bills and Cowboys, the defense has been stellar but the Cowboys loss 40-7 was way back at the beginning of the losing streak, so in fairness, the Jags have come a long ways.

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The Titans haven’t been a whole lot better, however, they have been streaky and have certainly had their winning moments. They opened up the season with a loss in Miami but then went on a three game winning streak over the Texans, 20-17, the Jaguars, 9-6, and the Eagles 26-23. That was a really nice run and a win over the current champions of football! Then what do they do? They go out and lose three straight to the Bills of all people, 13-12, the Ravens (always a tough game and opponent, so a respectable loss) but they were shut out, they put up a big fat goose egg 21-0! Then amazingly, the lost to the Chargers but by 1 point, 20-19.

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This is a team in transition, whether they want to admit it or not, they are in transition and they have no idea whether or not they want to keep Mariota or say goodbye. This team has potential and some playmakers but they must get their act together quick.

The Jaguars are scoring 16.9 ppg and allowing 20.3, the Titans—18.4 and 20.4 per game. These two parallel each other! This game comes down to yards on the ground and it’s going to be a grind it out slug fest.

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Vegas has put a conservative number on the total at 37.5, since we have no idea who comes out on top, we will go with scoring over defense and say the bigger numbers win out this week. Mariota won’t stay silent forever and Bortles is due for a good game.

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What we recommend is Over 37.5

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