Bet on These Hilarious DWTS Props - 2019 Season 28: Will Spicer Say "Trum", Lamar Odom Overdose Reference, More

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C Costigan
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The premiere of Dancing with the Stars airs Monday night, and there are tons of fun ways to bet on the season while watching.

*$25 minimum bets
*Accessible from most US states (prohibited in NJ)
*50% signup bonus - $5000 referral night
*7% horse rebate
*Reload bonus up to $1000
*Huge payout futures

Three weeks ago, the cyber-gaming site set odds on who will hoist the Mirrorball Trophy at the end of Season 28, and the numbers have changed drastically.
Ray Lewis was initially the favorite with 4-1 odds, but after a boatload of bets on James Van der Beek, the former teenage heartthrob is now the favorite to win.
Hannah Brown has received the second-most bets from gamblers while Sean Spicer has attracted a single bet as the longshot underdog.
The site is also offering plenty of fun prop bets to follow throughout the DWTS season with some involving Dawson's Creek, Kardashians, Trump and more.
View current odds here
Competitors     Current  odds     Opening odds
James Van der Beek       3-1     5-1
Ally Brooke       4-1     6-1
Karamo Brown       5-1     5-1
Ray Lewis       6-1     4-1
Kel Mitchell       6-1     6-1
Lauren Alaina       7-1     7-1
Hannah Brown       7-1     14-1
Kate Flannery       14-1     14-1
Mary Wilson       16-1     12-1
Christie Brinkley       16-1     12-1
Lamar Odom       25-1     25-1
Sean Spicer       50-1     50-1
Prop Bets

Will "Dawson's Creek" be said?
Yes  (2-3)
No  (6-5)

Will James Van der Beek say "I don't want your life"?
Yes  (3-1)
No  (1-5)
Will Lamar Odom's overdose be referenced?
Yes  (10-1)
No  (25-1)

Will Lamar Odom faint at any point?
Yes  (5-6)
No  (5-6)
Will a Kardashian be shown?
Yes  (1-2)
No   (3-2)
Will Karamo Brown say "Spicer"?
Yes  (2-1)
No  (1-3)
Will Sean Spicer say "Trump" in the season premiere?
Yes  (10-1)
No  (1-25)

Will the audience boo Sean Spicer?
Yes  (5-6)
No  (5-6)

When will Sean Spicer be eliminated?
Episodes 1-3  (1-3)
Episodes 4-7  (5-2)
Episodes 8 or later  (7-2)
If President Trump is mentioned, will the audience boo?
Yes  (1-5)
No  (3-1)

Will Christie Brinkley's divorces be referenced?
Yes  (2-1)
No  (1-3)

Will "The Office" be said in reference to Kate Flannery?
Yes  (2-1)
No  (3-2)

Will "Good Burger" be said in reference to Kel Mitchell?
Yes  (2-1)
No  (1-3)
Will Ray Lewis do signature "Squirrel Dance"?
Yes  (1-3)
No  (2-1)
Which contestant will be eliminated first?
Lamar Odom  (1-2)
Ray Lewis  (3-2)

Will unsolved murder case involving Ray Lewis be referenced?
Yes  (20-1)
No  (1-50)
Explanation of fractional odds: In the prop above, 1-50 odds means this is favorite and a bettor would wager 50 to gain 1. The 20-1 odds indicate this is the underdog and a bettor would wager 1 to return 20.

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