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Jordan Bach
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The final season of Game of Thrones kicked off Sunday night and gamblers will be able to bet which characters will be killed off, at least for the first couple of shows.


Who will die in Game of Thrones season 8? Bet Here

Cersei Lannister was coming in at 1/50 odds,  Cersei Lannister 1/33 – Euron Greyjoy 1/8 – Jorah Mormont 1/8 – Jaime Lannister 1/8 – Lord Varys 2/9 – Daenerys Targaryen 2/9 – Melisandre 1/3 – The Hound 2/5

60 Minutes went behind the scenes of Game of Thrones Sunday night just prior to the final season premier.

Game of Thrones has won more Emmy awards than any other television drama in history.

Last year, BetOnline offered odds on the "Ruler of Westeros" with Daenerys Targaryen at 2-1 odds, Jon Snow at +225 and Sansa Stark +300.

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

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