Crazy Ways to Bet on Breaking Bad Movie This Friday

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C Costigan
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The Netflix premier of El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie is Friday, and as fans prepare to take in the action, Vegas has created some ways to make the watch party a bit more interesting.

*$25 minimum bets
*Accessible from most US states (prohibited in NJ)
*50% signup bonus - $5000 referral night
*7% horse rebate
*Reload bonus up to $1000
*Huge payout futures

Fans and gamblers can wager on a series of prop bets for El Camino, according to (Twitter: SportsBettingAG). The cyber-gaming site has set odds for a number of possible outcomes that might occur in the movie sequel.

People can bet on unfinished character storylines, character appearances, phrases said, items discovered, deaths and more.

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Odds explanation: In the first prop bet listed, 1-2 odds equates to -200 odds, so "Yes" is considered the favorite because a bettor would have to risk 20 to win 10. The "No" option has 3-2 or +150 odds so this is the underdog and a bettor would risk 10 to collect 15.

Will Heisenberg be said?
Yes:  1-2
No:  3-2

Will Gray Matter be said?
Yes:  3-1
No:  1-5

Will Skyler be in prison?
Yes:  3-1
No:  1-5

Will Skyler and Marie see each other in present time?
Yes:  1-3
No:  2-1

Will Lydia be alive in present time?
Yes:  5-1
No:  1-10

Will Lydia give a confession before dying?
Yes:  5-6
No:  5-6

Will Huell be alive in present time?
Yes:  1-2
No:  3-2

Will Jane's dad appear?
Yes:  2-1
No:  1-3

Will Saul Goodman appear?
Yes:  1-5
No:  3-1

Will Walter White appear?
Yes:  1-20
No:  10-1

Will Gus Fring appear?
Yes:  1-10
No:  5-1

Will Los Pollo Hermanos be seen?
Yes:  2-5
No:  7-4

Will Jesse and Brock see each other in present time?
Yes:  1-2
No:  3-2

Will Jesse see his parents?
Yes:  2-3
No:  11-10

Will Jesse have a girlfriend at end of movie?
Yes:  4-1
No:  1-8

Will Jesse find Walter's hidden money?
Yes:  5-6
No:  5-6

Will blue meth be shown?
Yes:  2-3
No:  11-10

Will Jesse sell drugs?
Yes:  5-6
No:  5-6

Will Jesse do drugs?
Yes:  2-3
No:  11-10

Will Jesse die?
Yes:  11-10
No:  2-3

How will Jesse die?
Does Not Die:  2-3
Gun Shot:  3-1
Knife/Axe:  4-1
Blunt Force:  6-1
Poison:  6-1
Car Accident:  7-1
Suicide:  8-1
Drug Overdose:  10-1
Strangulation:  10-1
Pushed off Building or Bridge:  12-1
Electrocution:  20-1
Buried Alive:  33-1
Burnt Alive:  33-1
Cross Bow:  33-1
Drowning:  33-1

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