Bet on Area 51: Latest Odds

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:
Sep/16/2019 has your Alienfest betting odds, and more specifically, wagering that pertains to Area 51.

*$25 minimum bets
*Accessible from most US states (prohibited in NJ)
*50% signup bonus - $5000 referral night
*7% horse rebate
*Reload bonus up to $1000
*Huge payout futures

Area 51 odds
Will anyone illegally access military area in Rachel, Nev. this week?
Yes  2-1
No   1-3

How many people will be arrested in Rachel, Nev. this week?
Over  8.5
Under 8.5

Will Donal Trump tweet about Area 51 this week?
Yes  5-1
No   1-10

How many people will attend AlienStock festival in Las Vegas on Sept. 19?
Over  10,500
Under 10,500


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