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If you are a bookie already or are looking to become a bookie then the best way to be successful in this business is to use an established sports gambling software that is provided by a pay per head company.


Back in the day many bookies were taking bets the old fashioned way with paper and pen and in person or over the phone. But the problem is that there is a limit to the amount of betting options and sports that you can offer which often just means NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL and only side, total and money line.

However, now sports betting are a multi-billion dollar a year business with millions of people making wagers all day. Plus there is always some kind of sporting event to bet on every day of the year and betting on Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Nascar, Formula1, European Hockey and Basketball, Cricket, and College Sports are becoming even more mainstream and popular to bet on. In addition to the explosive increase in the smartphone market and Wi-Fi capabilities throughout the world, gamblers can now easily make a wager whenever they want and wherever they want.

So using a sports gambling software will not only give players access to thousands of betting options that an old school paper and pen bookie could never offer but also gives players 24 hours round the clock access to make wagers whenever they want. It is all about giving players as many options to bet as possible and making it as easy and convenient as possible for them to be able to make their wagers because the best way to make the most money as a bookie is to have large amounts of volume in terms of bets. The more times a day and week that a player bets just means the more juice he will be paying on each wager, and the juice or vig alone will add up. Plus itís hard enough for a player to have a long-term winning percentage on wagers.

In addition one of the most popular types of betting options nowadays is in play live betting, which means players can bet on a game that is in progress on a line that is updated up to the second based on the current score of that game. This also means that players can just make more wagers instead of the traditional straight bet before the game, which leads to even more increased betting volumes each week.

These are all reasons it is important to actually use a sportsbook gambling software because companies such as AcePerHead.com do all the heavy lifting of managing the lines and grading games, and adding more betting options each day, so the bookie doesnít have to spend his valuable time doing any of that. Instead, the bookie can just focus his energy and time on acquiring more players, by word of mouth, referrals, marketing on social media outlets, and going to bars, casinos, horse tracks and other places that are a hotbed for gamblers. So get started now at Ace Per Head with one of the industryís top-rated sports gambling software providers.

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