Becoming a Bookie During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Aaron Goldstein
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With millions of people out of work and the anticipated slowdown in some sectors that will follow the coronavirus pandemic, opportunities are still plentiful for independent contractors and those with business smarts.  There may never be a greater time to become a bookie.  Let's discuss some of the reasons why below.

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Set Up in a Matter of Minutes

Pay Per Head services provide all the tools you will ever need.  Included in the package will be a customized website for your players, 24/7 customer service, full reporting, live in-play betting, updated lines, and all for an affordable price. 

Depending on the service required (from basic to premium) a typical Pay Per Head charges $10 per customer per week.  Without a PPH service this same customer would end up costing several times more due to the amount of overhead involved.

All you really need to do is find your players (customers) and maintain a proper mode of communication.  Word of mouth will help deliver additional customers over the long term.

You have full control over your customers too.  Most Pay Per Heads offer a free trial period.  It is also not unusual to see bookies and agents utilize multiple PPH services for their players or switch entirely down the road (though there won't be a need do that with the Gambling911-endorsed Pay Per Heads).

High Demand During Typically Slow Months

June and July are considered the slowest months when it comes to the sportsbook sector.  Due to postponement of league play in the NBA and NHL (barring a Zombie Apocalypse scenario with this pandemic) and other major events taking place during the summer months (the Majors in Golf and Kentucky Derby), these two summer months should see an explosion in betting activity that will carry on right through the Football season.  There is even some talk of starting the College Football season in July just in case of a return of the dreaded coronavirus.

The 2020 summer months will also be a time to restart the economy and get away from family members you've been stuck with for upwards of 60 days.  Unfortunately folks won't be thinking much of vacation time during the months of June and July.  This year's vacation is spending time in the yard, assuming you're lucky to have one.

Get set up ahead of the anticipated influx in wagering activity!

Paying My Players

Pay Per Heads do everything for the bookie and agent and this now includes setting up payment vehicles.

All of today's PPH businesses offer digital currency solutions that include Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and our personal favorite, Gambling911.com-partner BitcoinLocal, which allows digital currency trading among individuals.

Cash may be king but it's also dangerous to have large amounts sitting around your home or office. 

Digit currency transactions are fast and simple.  Set up your Bitcoin Wallet, connect it to your bank account, ATM or credit card through a top cryptocurrency exchange, and start paying out players, your PPH service fees and hopefully collecting.  Typically funds appear within seconds.  Remember that any amount can be sent using this method and fees are extremely low.  If you are sending US$100, the equivalent of this in Bitcoin currently would appear as 0.014 BTC. US $500 was equivalent to 0.070 BTC on this day. 

You will need to keep your wallet's digital key in a secure place such as a safe.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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