The Truth About Becoming A Successful Online Bookie Agent

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A lot of misinformation exists about becoming a successful online bookie agent. Check out falsehoods and truths about becoming the successful bookie you’ve always dreamed of being.

Let’s first look at falsehoods. Then, we can discover the truths.

Falsehood #1: Being a Bookie is Glamorous

Some people might think that being a bookie is glamorous. After all, you run an online sportsbook for a living. What’s not glamorous about that?

Tons of money, big sporting events, and happy people abound in the sportsbook industry.

... Right?

Truth:  Being a bookie is anything but glamorous. You run a small business. As a small business owner, you must contend with the same pitfalls that all small business owners contend with, including running out of cash.

Falsehood #2: Customer Service Skills Aren’t Needed

Clients are just happy that they can wager through your sportsbook

Clients are giddy that they can plop down bets in your sportsbook. You mustn’t provide customer service because all bettors must do is log onto your sportsbook and make wagers.

Truth: Customer service is huge.

The main reason is that you’re not the only pay per head agent on the block. You must provide the very best customer service possible so that you can keep your players betting through your sportsbook.

Falsehood #3: You Should Always Use Your Layoff Account

The layoff account is there so that you can mitigate risk. Why not mitigate risk the way that Vegas sportsbooks do? You can always use your layoff account and profit off the juice.

Truth: You’re not a Vegas sportsbook! Vegas sportsbooks can afford to only profit from the juice because they’re part of a gigantic organization that offers hotel rooms, entertainment, casino betting, and various other things.

You only offer an online casino, an online racebook, and an online sportsbook.

You can’t always use your layoff account because at times you must take a risk and try to make more profit than what you just get from the juice.

Falsehood #4: Making Money Is Easy

Once you set up your per head online sportsbook, all you must do is wait for the action to roll in. It’s easy to make money because the per head interface allows it to be easy.

Truth: Like all businesses, the person that works the hardest often is the winner.

Remember, that as an online bookie agent, you face competition every day from giant online sportsbooks and fellow individual bookies.

The thing is, you want it to be hard. If it were easy for you to become a successful bookie agent, it’d be easy for anyone.

The harder you work, the more successful you will be, and that’s a good thing if you decide to work harder than anyone else.

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