BSV Global Blockchain Shines Light on Regulatory Compliance for Blockchain and Digital Assets

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Aaron Goldstein
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Among the many topics touched upon this past week at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai, regulatory compliance for blockchain and digital assets. 

Each provided an overview of the regulatory framework in their respective jurisdictions.

General Counsel of the BSV Blockchain Association Marcin Zarakowski hosted the panel discussion that featured speakers Angus Brown from Centbee, Seamus Andrew from Velitor Law, Dominique Lecocq from Lecocqassociate, and Rafael Schultz from Blockchain Punk Labs.

Angus Brown is the co-CEO of Centbee, a Bitcoin SV wallet provider and remittance service company. Centbee has already helped 35,000 people send money home to their loved ones for tiny fees.

Seamus Andrew is a lawyer in London. Velitor Law specializes in disputes and regulatory advice. He notes that the number of clients seeking advice related to blockchain has increased substantially in recent times. Likewise, he cites an uptick in disputes related to lost coins and other issues surrounding digital assets.

Dominique Lecocq is a lawyer. His firm has offices in both Switzerland and the UAE and specializes in finance. Naturally, there’s an overlap with the digital currency industry. He advises clients on a range of issues related to issuance, licensing, and more.

Rafael Schultz is a German entrepreneur and is the founder of Blockchain Punk Labs. His company is an accelerator that focuses on tokenizing assets for fundraising scenarios.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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