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C Costigan
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You should be looking for the best bookmaking software because you owe it to yourself. A bookies job is not easy, and we know because we have been there. The number one goal of most bookies is making money and as much as we understand this sentiment, we think this priority is misplaced. Of course, you are in this business to make money, why else would you be a bookie? For the action? That makes you nothing more than a gambler. You may as well sign up with one of the large online casinos and start gambling again. We say again because most of you bookies reading this have been sports gamblers at some point in your lives. This means that you understand your clients as we do. You come from a unique experience that most gamblers do not come from, you have been in their shoes and you can empathize with their wants and needs. There is only one way to fully meet the needs of your clients and that’ by using the best bookmaking software available on the internet, through the use of a pay per head. Once you start doing this, you will see your profit levels reach new heights.

What is bookmaking software and where do you get it? What is the function of bookmaking software?

  • Bookmaking software is software that has been developed specifically as a management tool for anyone that is currently a bookie or anyone that is thinking of becoming a bookie. This software is readily available on the internet from offshore providers that have put their head together and come up with an affordable management system that works.      
  • No matter what the size of your operation may be, bookie software can help you see better results and more income. Why?
  • Bookie software is a tool that is designed to put your business on the internet in the form of an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. What you get when you sign up with a pay per head is all three of these gambling entities rolled into one turnkey package. You get a fantastic sportsbook that looks like any other “x, y z,” online bookie and along with it, you have the use of a racebook (horses) and a fantastic, Las Vegas-style casino with all of the bells and whistles. You get amazing slots, all of the best table games and even live dealers. You can’t miss with a casino because sports gamblers get bored and when they get bored, they tend to roam. You don’t want them roaming, you want them staying put on your website and spending their money with you.
  • The way to keep your clients spending money with you 24/7 is by offering them 24/7 access to gambling. You offer it just as any other online bookie is offering it. This is how you keep your clients spending big money. If you do not offer this, they will go elsewhere to find it.
  • When you sign up with a pay per head, they build you an online sportsbook and they custom build it for your exclusive use. Your customers now have a great place to bet anytime they choose, and without bothering you at all hours of the night. You will have a real .com address for them to dial-up and log into and you are the master of the domain. The better news, you have to do nothing! The PPH provider does everything.
  • They set the daily sports offerings, they set the daily lines and odds, and they accept all wagers either online or your clients may call an 800 number and place their wagers over the phone.
  • The customer service is award-winning, and it works both ways… (for you and your clients).         
  • You now have the ability to take charge of your budget, your finances and what your players bet on and how much they bet. You will have access to ‘on-demand’ player and financial reports anytime you make the request.

Money and cost is no longer a reason to not sign up with a fantastic pay per head that is offering the very best bookmaking software. The cost of doing business with a PPH has dropped dramatically over the past few years and the very best providers on the internet are charging between $10-$15 per head. Take advantage of the great deals during the high season and ask for a free trial offer. It’s time to start earning a six-figure income doing what you love.

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