Are Any of the Poker Training Sites Worth It? Plus Brunson Still Bluffing at 88

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Nagesh Rath
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This week, poker player Shelby Wells posed the question if any of today's poker training sites are really worth it?  Her tweet resulted in some hundred plus responses.


Chris Price suggested:

"SolveForWhyTV content and process is awesome. Both their tournament content and cash academies are 100% worth it."

Rachel Lees Think says:

"Run It Once and Raise Your Edge."

Then there was @adamdavisus with his recommendation:

"I think for general tournament training and the process of “learning how to learn”, @LearnProPoker is a fantastic place to start. Their companion app, @RangeTrainerPro was first to really make concept of ranges really “click” for me."

And SarahSilverMuck writes:

"@FarazJaka is good because he focuses on applicable strategies and techniques. He calls them "hacks." He has a once a week webinar where you can ask questions. Also, he has built up a good library. If you are going to focus on tourneys. He doesn't have cash resources."

And finally, HPoker tweets:

"I tell anyone who asks that the biggest bang for the buck for tournaments is @DTOPoker preflop basic. So many big decisions in tournaments happen preflop at shallower stack depths and its by far the easiest way to plug leaks. Grind online + study dto pre to compliment live events."

At 88, Poker Legend Doyle Brunson Is Still Bluffing. Or Is He?

The Texas gambler has been winning at poker for seventy years—long enough to become an icon and watch an outlaw’s game become an industry and Texas Monthly has a great piece on Doyle Brunson here.  It includes some fantastic photos. 

We here at Gambling911.com had the pleasure of attending the toast of Brunson hosted by comedian Brad Garrett a few years back.  Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock were in attendance.  They ran off when Garrett started mocking Anderson by telling her to "get out from under the table" where he implied she was doing some naughty things.  Rock wasn't happy.

"You still have plenty of time to blow the members of Whitesnake," Garrett yelled as she was running out the door with her posse.

Somach to Prove His Worth Tuesday Night With "Guaranteed" Winning Bet

Shifting over to sports, our own Thomas Somach is claiming he has an angle on the MLB All Star Game that always comes through.  It's the UNDER, with this one set at 7.5.


"(The) All-Star game almost always goes under the total when it’s on the West Coast because the Game starts at 5 PM local time much of the game takes place during sunset when the ball is hard to see so hard to hit," Somach tells us.

In fact, all of the West Coast games were low scoring except for one.  There was another high scoring West Coast game but that was at the Kingdome in Seattle and indoors, therefore doesn't factor into this intriguing angle.

Twenty years ago Somach rightly predicted individuals would be able to bet sports at ball parks and stadiums (a concept unfathomable in those days), picked Layne Flack to be nominated to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame this year (like shooting fish in a barrel), and Tuesday night we'll see if he can finally claim the mantle of "The New Nostradamus".

A Sports Betting Angle That Involves No Modeling, No Steam-Chasing, No Inside Info

And finally, we take a look at how an aspiring sports betting pro turned $2.5k into $150k in 3 months without the use of any "inside info" and the like.


- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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