America's Got Talent Season 16 Odds to Win Season 16 Set Ahead of Semifinals

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C Costigan
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The Season 16 semifinals of ‘America’s Got Talent’ get underway Tuesday, August 31 on NBC.


The first set of the 21 acts remaining will take to the Dolby Theatre stage in L.A. in hopes of making a good impression on the judges, and now people can wager on their favorite hopefuls. has set odds to win Season 16 ahead of the semis. The overall favorite is Jimmie Herrod, but five other contestants have better than 10/1 odds.

AGT Season 16 Odds

Jimmie Herrod            5/1

Brooke Simpson          6/1

Josh Blue                     7/1

World Taekwondo Demo Team         8/1

Northwell Nurse Choir                        8/1

Victory Brinker            8/1

Dustin Tavella             10/1

1aChord                      12/1

Rialcris                        12/1

ChapKidz                     16/1

Lea Kyle                       16/1

Madilyn Bailey            16/1

Michael Winslow        16/1

Tory Vagasy                16/1

Aidan Bryant               20/1

Gina Brillon                 25/1

Peter Rosalita             25/1

Peter Antoniou           33/1

Kabir Singh                  50/1

Korean Soul                 50/1

UniCircle Flow             50/1

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