Affiliategy.com Head Stephanie Wynters Talks State of the Online Gambling Affiliate Market (Podcast)

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We sat down with our good friend Stephanie Wynters, who discusses the challenges online gambling affiliates face today and in the future.   Her company, Affiliategy.com, provides seminars and training for affiliates in the industry.

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Stephanie debunks the notion that the offshore online gambling market is dead in the water as some of the newly licensed US affilliates would have you believe, our favorite excerpt appearing below.

Stephanie Wynters worked a few years as an affiliate manager in the European market

From GamblingAffiliateVoice.com:

"What was once illegal and the realm of shadowy offshore sportsbooks has now ome into the mainstream with legal in-person and online sportsbooks slowly but surely funneling gamblers back onto regulated platforms headquartered in the United States.

"Many affiliates made a lot of money and got comfortable during the unregulated offshore days, but those days are dwindling and a new order is rising."

Sounds ominous, but as Wynters notes, even new affiliates entering the market, whether its offshore, the US-regulated industry, Europe or elsewhere in the world, can still expect to make thousands of dollars per month provided they put the time and effort into their work. 

SBREd of SportsBookReview.com concurred.  That site has worked tirelessly over the years developing its Search Engine Optimization Strategy.  Gone are the days when one can sit back and collect money from gamblers finding their affiliate website via a single search term or link mention from other high ranking sites.

Some fun times at an online gambling affiliate conference.  You could be here

Stephanie is joined with her partner in crime, Stephanie Robinson, another popular figure in the affiliate community and G911 founder Chris Costigan

And it's not just the challenges of breaking into the US regulated market.  That's easy peasy compared to what European operators are facing these days.

Compliance concerns have many online gambling firms and affiliates changing their strategies.

Listen here to the podcast:

Listen to our podcast above

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