6 Fatal Errors That Could Be Costing Online Bookies Serious Profits

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Provided online bookies partner with a pay per head company, they should find it easy to make profit.

However, if a bookie partners with the wrong pay per head company, they could run into fatal errors that will kill their bottom line.

6 Bookie Errors That Kill Your Bottom Line 

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1. Site goes down at the worst time

Agents only make money if their pay per head sportsbooks remain online. If those books don’t remain online, they miss out on the chance to make major profits.

Heck, sportsbook businesses could go down the tubes depending on when a site goes down.

Agents must make sure the company they work with has the most up to date safety software and has had limited to no interruptions. Also, bookies should definitely work with a company that has a track record in the industry.

2. Mobile not robust enough

Most players wager through their mobile devices. If the pay per head company a bookie works with doesn’t offer a robust mobile solution, they’ll miss out on action that translates to profit.

3. Line errors

Line errors could really hamper a sportsbook operators ability to compete. There’s a way around this.

  • First, agents should work with a company known for creating sharp lines.
  • Second, agents should work with a company that offers a line mover.

4. Limited options for players

Just offering North American wagering isn’t enough. Online bookies must also offer all international wagering as well as an online casino and an online racebook.

5. Sharps taking advantage

Sharps don’t just take advantage of bad betting lines. They also take advantage of decent betting lines. The hardest to deal with sharps are those that can move a line by simply making a wager. Those sharps can end an online sportsbook. Pay per head agents can ensure profit by using a per head tool like the layoff account.

A layoff account allows sportsbook owners to lay off money wagered on one side of a spread. That cuts their overall risk.

6. Lack of real customer support

Tools, a great dashboard, and a robust mobile system are all fantastic. None of it matters if there isn’t a customer service team behind those tools to ensure per head agent success.

Online bookie agents that work with a company lacking in customer service are at a major disadvantage.

Does your current pay per head software provider hinder your success? Online bookies who take their business seriously need a provider who does too.

PayPerHead.com ensures their agents never see the above fatal errors happen. With over 20 years experience in the industry, online bookies know they’re getting premium software and VIP support.

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