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Aaron Goldstein
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PricePerPlayer.com has for the past few years advertised a super low $5 fee for its pay per head service.  Back in the day, when pay per heads first shot onto the scene and competition was limited, it would not be unusual to see these businesses charging $20 and up per player per week.  In fact, corresponding with some of these original providers, they were typically mad as hell at the new guys.


"We offer the ultimate sportsbook solution for new and existing sportsbook with our pay per head services," PricePerPlayer promotes.  "For almost two decades, Price per Play has successfully assisted bookies and bookmakers from around the world take thousands of players on a pay per head basis!"

Of course, the $5 price tag means nothing if you are incapable of operating as a successful sportsbook business.

The five keys to generating profit as a bookie include preparation, a keen sense of the competition, transparency, learning from one's mistakes (you will make some) and - drum roll please - having a pay per head software platform that allows for all of the above.

In terms of the competition, PricePerPlayer offers betting on most sports worldwide while allowing customers to dabble in the live dealer casino.

"Our live casino platform is made to give players the ultimate casino experience.  Thus, your players will feel like they are inside a casino without actually being there. The camera angle that shows our live casino dealers gives players a first person point of view for maximum reality."

The best part of all is this live dealer experience is part of the $5 package!

Running a Cost Effective Online Sportsbook

Are you thinking about opening an online sportsbook business and do not know how to do it?

In this tutorial, PricePerPlayer provides viewers with three ways to open a sportsbook operation and enjoy success through profit realization coupled with cost savings.

A pay per head software platform eliminates the need for an expensive wire room and high staffing charges.  The pay per head service includes live odds and 24/7 customer service.  Your primary skill should be on the marketing end and the ability to deal with agents and players one-on-one as VIPs outside of the customer service provided for routine daily operations.

The different methods we go over in this video include:

• How to Open a Sportsbook from scratch

• How to Open a White Label Sportsbook

• How to Open a Sportsbook with a Pay Per Head Each method to open a sportsbook will go over the advantages and disadvantages of using each method and their cost.

What the $5 Gets You at PricePerPlayer

PricePerPlayer.com offers a 14 day trial.  There is no commitment or need to provide personal information.  Get started in a matter of seconds.


    Easy to use player management system
    Set player limits and access
    Create and Edit your players
    Daily, Weekly and Monthly Player figures
    Intuitive and reliable reports
    And much more


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    access to our telephone service


- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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