$4 Pay Per Head Promo Until the End of NBA Finals

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C Costigan
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Aceperhead.com is one of the premier pay-per-head providers in the industry because they have more betting options than other sites, sharper lines, Americana English 24/7 customer service representatives, and a state-of-the-art user interface that never has any downtime. For a limited time, they are now offering one of the best start-up promotions in the business with a super low introductory price of $4 per player a week.

The best thing about this promotion is that the discounted price will last 2 months until the end of the NBA finals which will conclude in the middle of June. This is a fantastic way to get tons of savings for a long period of time.

If you are brand new to booking action and just starting out and have a limited bankroll then utilizing a great discounted promo is perfect. This will allow you to keep the cost low when you are just beginning, that way you can quickly grow your bankroll with all the money you will be earning from the players losing. Sure sometimes players get lucky in the beginning and have a couple of winning weeks, but over the long term, they always lose. But at least with a low starting price, it will be easier to afford if players do get lucky in the beginning.

If you are already a bookie on another site, or even a subagent under a bookie on another site and are interested in finally going on your own that way you can make 100% of those losses on your players, this is also a great promo. Who doesn’t like to save money, and with a cheap introductory price of $4 per active player a week, this can save a lot of money, especially if you have a lot of players.

For example, if you are an agent on another site and are getting charged $10 a player, and have 50 active players a week that means you pay $500 a week. However, with this promo from Ace, you would only get charged $200 a week on your 50 active guys, which is $300 worth of savings each week. The sooner you start this promo the more weeks you can have with the lower price, which could end up saving you a couple of thousand dollars.

The best part is that Ace is a premium site, so you are getting the chance to pay less but still have a top-quality site. Ace has a weekly average hold percentage of 14% per week, compared to the industry average of 5%, which is because they have more betting options and faster sharper moving lines than other sites. This simply means that bookies using Ace, earn almost 3 times more profits compared to other sites.

So whether you are a current bookie using another provider, or just looking to do this for the first time, why not use a top-rated service, but still pay less than half of the normal industry rate?

Give AcePerHead.com a call today at 1-800-909-5193 to take advantage of this special promotion.

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